Understanding Health Insurance True or False Essay

Published: 2019-12-28 11:40:56
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Workers compensation laws protect employers and fellow workers by limiting the award that an injured employee can recover from an employer. TThe worker must physically be on company property to qualify for workers compensation. FALSE 3. Medical treatment claims are the most difficult to process because they are filed for minor illnesses or injuries. FALSE 4. Permanent disability refers to an employees diminished capacity to return to work.Schedule loss of use (eyesight, hearing or body part) compensation is a lifetime benefit. FALSE 6.

According to the law, when a patient requests treatment for a work-related injury or disorder and has signed the first report of injury form, the patient has given consent for the filing of compensation claims and reports. FALSE 7. If the employer disputes the legitimacy of the claim, a first report of injury report must be filed anyway. TRUE 8. A detail narrative progress/supplemental report if filed to document any significant change in the workers medical or disability status. A health information specialist should personally sign the original and all photocopies of progress reports before filing them for the physician.

The employer must be notified by mail when an injured worker presents for the first visit without a written or personal referral from the employer. FALSE 11. OSHA was created to protect employees against injuries from occupational hazards in the workplace. TRUE 12. Comprehensive records of all vaccinations administered and any accidental exposure incidences must be retained for 15 years. FALSE 13. Providers are required to accept workers compensation reimbursement as payment in full. TRUE 14.

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