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Published: 2020-01-04 03:22:53
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When I arrived at the area of the stadium I saw hundreds of peoples. A lot kinds of peoples. All of them have look very happy. At that time, with age as young as I, I feel so excited and enthusiasm. My whole body also able to taste it. The area of the stadium is full with stall, stall that sold everything that connected to football such as jersey, football merchandise, teams flag and many else. I also do not miss to get my favourite team jersey which is Selangor FC and also well-known as The Red Giants.

After satisfied walking around the stadium compound. Me and my brother decide to enter the stadium. After my first food step in the stadium the feel of excited strike me again. If the outside of the stadium I can see hundreds of peoples, at the inside I can see thousands of peoples. The place is so crowded and noisy, when I talked to my brother he cannot hear what I am talking about even he is right next to me. After take a seat, I saw every corner of the stadium and the stadium is so huge .

At that moment, I bet this must be the biggest stadium in the world. Before the match started all peoples in the stadium need to stand up and sing the national anthem, Negaraku . I sing it with enthusiasm. My adrenalin is rising at the moment. The national anthem ends with a thunderous applause by supporters who come, and again the feel of excited strike me again. Match on that day involving Selangor FC and Perak FC. During the match I did not stop cheering for my favourite team. I think I almost lost my voice on that day.

After the 90 minute full game, whistle is blown and match that day ending in a draw. Although the match ending in a draw which do not affect my enjoyment of the day. After all, I back home with feeling very happy. When I arrived at home and I rewind what just happened to me will become my special moment in my life, and guest what, I am true ,the first experience to step foot in stadium watch my favourite team play has become my unforgettable, sweetest and special moment to me until now, and probably until forever.

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