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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Common sense, a mere adaptation on ones way of thinking and acting. It is described as the knowledge and judgment that most people already have or should have. Many people generalise certain acts as an inconsideration for common sense. In my short period of existence, I can certainly say that the practice of this concept can only be perceived as anything but common, more like rare or occasional. Common sense has no form of value that would allow it to contribute to your qualifications or even towards your online dating profile. One thing is certain, it has a long term effect on your quality of life and the safety of those around you.

The lack of common sense should be considered a disease which i even suffer from at times. One of the symptoms I usually experience is excruciating pain. Lets just say I was very sick, this past holidays. I went ice skating with friends and family and it wasnt my first time. Once we had our skates on, we wandered like a group of penguins until we reached the ice. So we skated around and around which seemed like a continuous, unbroken cycle until i decided to do something unexpected.

I glared down at my boot and noticed that a strap had come loose. I should mention that I was still moving and pretty fast too. leaned over and tried to clip it in place, a mission nobody else would pursue and i soon found out why. As i had fastened the strap, I felt my legs wobble uncontrollably. Before I knew it, I was swimming on ice. What i learned from that experience is that you should never grab a person as an attempt to pull yourself up from the ice. it will only become worse. If u dislike embarrassment and feelings of regret, the way I do. Then you should be able to detect the value of common sense as depicted in this story. Not all scenarios measure common sense with the same amount of importance.

The outcome differs and in the next story, it has quite a lot of weight and consequences. I was with my uncle at a harbor, where we went to buy fish. We met this one guy who had a small stall and was selling fresh fish, he had just caught. We bought a few and thought that we should conversate to pass the time. The fisherman told us about himself and his job out on sea. I noticed that he had quite a large number of fish on sale. I then asked him how long it took him to catch them. He replied, oh, not too long, just a few hours. While in amazement, my uncle said, why dont you stay out longer, that way you can catch more fish?

The fisherman explained that what he had caught was sufficient enough to support his family because he dedicated his existence to them. He said that he spent the rest of his time with his wife, children and friends. My uncle reflected before saying, heres what you should do, stay out longer so that you can catch more fish. Then you can sell the extra fish and use that money towards buying a bigger boat. Thereafter, you would three, even four boats until you possess a small fleet. Employ some workers and sell to larger businesses.

The fisherman was stunned and mumbled out, what about my family? I jumped in and said that they would have a better life, filled with opportunity and realistic dreams. We walked away in silence, leaving the man to contemplate deeply into the distance. In this story, the wealth in ones life, happiness of a family and self-accomplishment rest on common sense. Education brings about maturity and sophistication, but does not enforce your ability to display common sense. It is seen as a gift from birth which brings about simplicity and ease rather than unnecessary complication and discomfort. so just remember, if you do something stupid, you probably didnt use your common sense.

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