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Published: 2020-01-07 02:31:04
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In the early months of 2007, many people were expecting that there would be a peaceful end for the school year. Summer was already near and there are only a few weeks left before students could finally take a break from a long academic year. However one tragic event happened, the massacre in Virginia Tech University which have killed and injured more than 30 people. In the very sheltered community of a school many believe that no one would want to hurt other people. The school in the perspective of most students is a place of learning and development with friends and professors.

But then again, this perspective is obviously not the view of the murderer named Seung-Hui Cho. In the simply viewing the act done by Cho, it is very obvious that his ethical perspective was not typical as the other people. The three ethical concepts in which seen in the tragedy was murder, the victims human rights, and the responsibility of one person with the people around him. With such, the media squabbled over the news of getting different information about Seung Hui-Cho. All the information regarding him was presented to the public in order to understand but then.

Cho was seen as a heartless murderer who only wanted destruction for the foreign country which had welcomed him to migrate. The media viewed all the aspects done by Cho as a violation of humane concepts from the perspective of the families of the people he killed. The media launched variety of pictures as well as details. In fact, Baltimore Sun and the CNN have launched their own special links that presents all the facts regarding the victims, the families, the suspect, the school and variety of analysts that have their own perspective regarding the matter.

But in the end, the suspect of the case is still blamed all the iniquity that he had done to the school and the students of Virginia Tech. In the end, the act of murdering innocent individuals, disrupting school, creating fear for the students and generating a big gap for different nationalities had become greater than before.


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