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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Our appearance can be an important factor in developing a sense of our identity. Nowadays, appearances are everything, and the way you dress, the car you drive, and the phone you carry tell others a great deal about yourself.

First of all, the clothes you put on and the hairstyle you have can reveal a lot about you. Our clothes and hairstyles say about you far more than you think since they tend to give a general idea about your beliefs, and a little bit about your taste in music. One example of the common clothing personalities is when a person wears colorful clothes, with peace signs printed all over them, and has dreadlocks, with maybe a short messy beard, then it is obvious that he is a hippie, and these people are usually vegetarians. Another example is when you see someone dressed in black from head to toe, with some body piercings and an extreme hairstyle, then this clearly indicates that this individual is into rock music, attends rock concerts, and might even be in a rock band himself. Also, when a man wears a suit and a tie, has a shaved face and a clean haircut, it tells us that hes either a businessman or a manager.

The outer appearance can also clothes, and have medium to long beards with a short mustache. Secondly, the car you drive reflects your financial and social status. Since cars prices range from low to extremely high, it basically covers most of the classes of society, so the kind of car you own shows where you stand in society. For example, businessmen and managers tend to ride in fancy black cars. Also, when a person drives a luxurious exotic car, it goes
without saying that this person comes from a wealthy family, and might even hold a notable social status. Political figures like presidents and ambassadors drive their cars around in parades. And another example is mini cars drivers.

Those people are usually not showy (unless the mini car is very expensive, like a mini cooper) and some of them are practical, since they get mini cars to reduce fuel consumption. More importantly, when you find the inside of the car disorganized with lots of paper and bottles lying everywhere while it is clean from the outside, then this clearly shows that its owner is all about the looks and only cares about showing off in front of others. Finally, cell phones. Cell phones nowadays are not just an accessory; they send major messages about you and your personality. A study was carried out by TalkTalk Mobile and examined 2,000 users of the currently top three devices to see if the chosen cell phone really is and extension to their personality.

The results showed that iPhone users care more about their appearance and outer-image, and are more conceited than BlackBerry or Android users. iPhone users most likely work in media, retail, and they are the most active on social media sites. While BlackBerry users came in as the busiest group of the three, with the largest number of messages and emails sent, also they are more likely to have better relationships and better-paid jobs. They mostly work in health and finance. Android users on the other hand are better mannered than the other two, although they were found as the group to watch TV and drink alcohol the most. They tend to have jobs in engineering and the government.

So overall, if you pay attention to those details in others like their clothes, cars and cell phones, you will get a general idea about them and their personality.

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