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Published: 2019-11-22 01:22:09
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Q.1 What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis? Thomas Green could anticipate the market dynamics and device the ideas that should be implemented. This is evident by his focus of developing new up-selling software. Greens strong persuasion flair made him love meeting new people and charming them over. He also got compliments that he has a great rapport with his clients. Green likes to work independently. Greens self-assurance talent is expressed by his self-confidence and audacious behaviour. Green conveys his ideas to the clients and expects them to proceed by trusting his ideas. Greens leadership style is being ingenious. Greens leadership style is more productive when it comes to implement a task. He is industrious and self-motivated but has trouble in being directed. He prefers face to face communication and building rapport with other employees. He receives feedback from people and responds to them on the spot spontaneously. In a nutshell, he likes to under-promise and over-deliver. Unlike Frank, Green was interested only in the end result of the performance and not in the detailing structure of the job. As the Marketing Director, Frank is an excellent tactical leader.

He has the vision to gauge the forthcoming possibilities and leverage the resources to effectively move forward. Having promoted from the position of a senior market specialist he was very proficient and experienced in his approach. He emphasised not only on accomplishing the work but also scrutinizing details. His stringent approach towards scheduling and documentation indicates how organized person he was, with his perfect managerial skills. He had the perfect blend of 15 year-long industry experience and other key skills. With this expertise he is able to chase the growth rate as mentioned. Overall, his leadership style is authoritarian, hence he is strict, and commands close control over followers by regulation of policies and procedures cascaded to then.

However, his commands are explicit, easily comprehensible and precise and also well-adjusted to the prevalent management bureaucracy. His work style is scrupulous in details and improvises data with strategies. He is optimistic and diffuses positive energy to keep the moral of the followers maintained high. Davis keeps a check on the office dynamics and politics going on in the office. As a supervisor, it is Davis expectation that Green comply with provided recommendations for changes in demeanour and communication.

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