Who Killed The Electric Car Reflection Suraj Neupane Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The movie Who Killed the Electric Car is based on the electric cars designed, developed, and
manufactured by General motors, and later destroyed by the same company. I was surprised to
see how a company could destroy the technology that is economical, futuristic, beneficial and
pollution free.

This documentary movie also deals with history of electric car in the automobile
industries. This movie try to showcase the advantages, disadvantages of the electric technology,
and try to figure out who might be the responsible for the demise of the electric car. This movie
focuses its story EV1: electric cars developed and destroyed by General Motors. The merit for
using an electric car is they are energy efficient.

They are environmental friendly and the biggest
benefit is that it reduces energy dependency. Electric car uses the technologies that stabilizes the
human introduced climate change effect and maintain the living standard of humans.
The first portion of the movie describes about the development of the electric cars from the
industrial age.

The second portion of the movie features interview with drivers of EV1,
engineers, the then political advisors, writers and experts of electric car technology. The third
portion focuses on the suspects who were eligible for the destruction of such innovative
development which could make a huge difference in the human life and its environment.

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