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Published: 2019-11-11 09:11:54
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The Cold War dated from 1947 to 1991, tension rose between the United Sates of America and the Soviet Union, both possessed nuclear weapons however none were used. The United States and the Soviet Union both are accountable for the kick off of the Cold War. Both countries used force to win the argument and wanted to prove that they had the upper hand and that their government and army are stronger. However one is to blame more than the other. The Soviet Union used force to take over nearby countries and turn them into communist governments, their ultimate goal was to convert the whole world into communism. The United States hated communism and feared a communist attack. Truman, the United States president disliked Stalin and refused to share nuclear secrets with the Soviet Union. The United States also threatens the USSR with their atomic bomb. As a result of these actions the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union turned into violence and hatred which resulted in a inevitable Cold War.

To help eliminate communist growth the United States issued an economic isolation of communist countries. Immediately the United States and its allies such as Germany, Ukraine and Japan stopped trade with most communist nations. It was more important to help and trade with noncommunist governments. This led to a decrease in communists economies. The communist nations led by the Soviet Union had to trade with themselves and help each other out to prevent crisis. The United States didnt treat all the countries in an unfavorable way.

On the other hand, the United States completely and passionately supported anticommunist governments. The United States cared for their allies, for example the United States gave money to Japan when they were in need only because the fact that Japan was anticommunist. The United States also stopped the aid of communist countries and communist supporting countries. When Ukraine became a communism supporter the United States destroyed their economy by refusing trade, and not supporting them. Obviously the United States is striving for the annihilation of communism. They are extremely dedicated to achieve their goal and will do whatever it takes. US determination frightens Stalin , the idea that he cannot complete his plan angers him so he gets more and more aggravated at Truman. Truman however doesnt care and still continues to push and creates and underground network called CIA.

In September 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created to defend the United States interest abroad and around the world. The CIA served an an underground police force, their actions were top secret. The CIA attacked foreign countries when they turned against the United States, during the Cold War they attacked Ukraine. As a result the communist countries and the Soviet Union turned into their defensive mode. The United States also used the CIA to hunt down communists supporters in the United States. Many people were accused of being communist even celebrities and actors were accused of being communist and their reputations were destroyed, some were even killed. Just like in Nazi Germany Hitler created a hatred for jews just because they are jews, the United States hated communists and spread the hatred of communism. This scared communists, they feared for their lives.

The United States were the only ones who had nuclear weapons, they are still to this day the only ones who had ever used an atomic bomb in warfare. Because of this fact they send threatening messages to the Soviet Union. Due to the previously seen destruction of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima no countries dare to appose these threats. Truman believes that communism is a bigger threat than the destruction caused by the usage of an atomic bomb. There is no doubt that Russia feels threatened and will do anything to protect themselves.

To stand back up Russia try and fail at holding the oil reserves in the middle east. The reason that they fail is because that the countries in the middle east are either with the United States or a neutral force meaning they support neither of the forces. Instead the Soviet Union opts for transferring more countries into communism so that they can share resources and intelligence. The most important new countries in communism that help Russia are China and Cuba. This also led to major military improvements.

After a long struggle Russia develops the hydrogen bomb to use against the United States in case of atomic warfare. The United States get extremely mad because of this. By the creation of the hydrogen bomb Soviet Union end the monopoly on nuclear weapons and even test their first nuclear bomb. As a result of the creation of the hydrogen bomb the United States weight their arguments once more and come up with the conclusion that it is not worth it to use nuclear weapons to fight communism as it endangers american lives.

As shown above the United States pushes the Soviet Union time and time again until the Soviets get fed up and finally develop their own nuclear weapon and are ready for war. In conclusion the United States of America is more to blame for the start of the Cold War because they are the ones heating the argument and believe that they are unstoppable because of their nuclear weapons. Ultimately both countries have enough of each other and war breaks out. As I said before the Cold War was inevitable.

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