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Published: 2020-01-28 00:50:52
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Going into my second year of online classes I can truly relate to the other students my age taking online courses. Right now 450,000 students in the United States have abandoned traditional public schools for an online education (Pellissier). Many people say that taking an online class presents the risk of procrastination for young students, but I believe there is a lot of good that comes out of taking an online course. Online classes fit into the busy schedules of high school and college students; they are available 24/7 so the student can learn the material at their own pace and study whenever needed.

One smaller reason why more students are taking online classes is because of the school bullies. In 2013 about 160,000 kids stayed home because they were too afraid to go to school (Bullying and Suicide). Every school has those few kids who just want to pick on everyone else. Public schools can sadly be an emotional setting for students and it can cause problems for those students in the future. Another issue with bullies in public schools is that the bullying can get violent. In public schools, kids can not only get mentally hurt, but also physically and parents dont always notice or realize the signs of their child being bullied.

A reason why I personally would love to have all online classes is the commute. If I didnt attend a public school and I took all online classes I could sleep in, work comfortably in whatever I wanted to wear and I wouldnt have to worry about getting up and driving to school every day when really I can get just as good, if not better education sitting in my own living room. I think if I was a parent of younger children I would like that my kids could sleep in every day and still get a full education. Sleep for children is important, and when people have kids that like to fight going to bed at night they can stay up later and sleep in longer with online classes. So people dont have to worry about whether their child is getting enough sleep.

Something I really liked about my school offering online classes is that they offer more than just your usual courses. Right now I am taking American Sign Language through an online school. I also have friends that are taking some really interesting classes that I would like to take if I could get the chance. These classes that my friends and I are taking are classes that our public school cannot offer on sight. Taking an online class can be a big leap in someones life; they are not the easiest thing to do, students have to be committed and willing to work. If students take a class through a school called Michigan Virtual they offer tons of courses, students wouldnt even think of taking because they wouldnt be offered at an actual school. Michigan Virtual has a lot of different language courses, college courses and even life skill courses that help prepare students for adulthood.

The number one reason for students to start taking online classes is that they fit in with everyones busy schedule. Most kids in high school or college need to work, or like to play sports, and online classes help free up more time in the day for those busy students. Online classes are available 24/7 which is great for students who dont always have time during the day to sit down and work. Another nice thing about taking online classes is that students can work at their own pace; this has been the biggest help for me.

I have always been a hard working student, but sometimes I slack off; what teenager doesnt. When I started taking online classes last year I realized that I had so much more time to learn the material being taught. I actually got to study the material I needed for more than just a class hour or a day. Realizing how much better I was doing in school when I started taking my online classes I decided I wanted to give it another shot this year. So far things have been going great.

There are many causes for children to switch to Online Education like getting away from the drama and bullies, having more class choices, and it also works around everyones busy schedules. Many people would probably disagree with me. Some people would probably think that online classes can have a negative effect on children, which for some kids could be the case, but it does help fix a lot of common student issues. It is important for children to know that they can get away from the stress of public schooling and still receive a great education from home. Online are available whenever the student needs more time to learn the material which is why I personally love my online classes.

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