Why do we have a two-party system in the United States? Essay

Published: 2019-10-11 19:02:53
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Traditionally, the United States has had what is known, a two-party system. These parties were the Federalists vs. Jeffersonian Republic, the Whigs vs. Democrats, and finally what is better known today, the Democrats vs. the Republicans. Not only are are these the only American political parties, however, they are also the only ones with a more realistic view of obtaining political control. This type of party system, the two- party system, is considered to be more like an exception, instead of a rule. Most democracies all over the world have what is commonly known as a multi-party system. This is where three or more political parties have the capability to win control over the government, whether it is separately or in conjuntion.

So the question is: why are there three or more political parties in other democracies, but why do we only have a two-party system in the United States? The main purpose of having political parties is to connect the public with the leaders that are elected. In the United States, this connection is apparently supported by the two-party system, meaning that the Republicans and the Democrats are the only parties that can have the opportunity of having a certain control of the government.

The reason behind why the United States has only two dominant political parties is determined by a number of different factors: (1)an electorate system, which is defined by one member districts, making it very hard for a third party to run against for power, (2) each partys yearning to agree with and recognize the opposite partys political perspectives, (3) and a political society that exphasizes and demands negotiation and compromise (finding a happy medium) instead of idealogical strictness and inflexibility.

The electoral system in the United States is based on the two major parties, Democrats and Republicans. Unlike the United States, many of the other democracies around the globe are of a multi-party system. The difference between having a two-party system and a multi-party system is a very major and significant. In a two- party system, like the one we have in the United States, the parties usually have programs, groups, interests that overlap and are of similar grounds. This happens because it is important for the two major parties to offer such things that must attracts those voters who are in between, meaning those who believe in both the ideals of the Democrats as well as those of the Republicans.

The two parties lure the voters who can swing either side because it is those voters who will provide the separation of which party will win. In a system where there are more than two parties, multi-party systems, especially when the case is that there are four or more strong major parties, each party usually try to make themselves stand out so that they can make sure to gain trust of those voters who have a certain particular stand, or viewpont, on certain issues. Due to the fact that the United States has only to main parties, each trying to win support from voters, the running competitors, or candidates, usually try to stay away from controversial or very different and extreme political views and positions.

The candidates will normally aim for a balanced happy medium and to some extent policies that propose a familiar and middle ground. Nevertheless, Democratic and Republican candidates will at times try to offer very distict and constrasting policy backups, used especially in times where there is political stress. Going back in history, George Washington as well as the other significant founders of America were against biased politics. Even though there were many similar concerns, parties were created almost in the very beginning, starting way back with the Federalists and Antifederalists.

In 1824, when the Jeffersonian Party separated and distinguished itself, Andrew Jackson became one of the founding leaders of the largest out of the four smaller groups that were formed from a larger one, better known as the Democratic Party. This party introduced and represented itself as the party of the common people. The advocates of this party were mainly workers, immigrants, and foreigners.

On the other hand, the Republican Party was created by people who shared the same views of perspective that slavery should be abolished. The joining of antislavery advocated emerged as the result of the separation of the Democratic Party dated in the 1850s. Even when the Republican Party was created, their principals and objectives also intrigued and attacted to business interests, for instance, implementing protective tariffs.

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