Womens Suffrage Movement Quiet Revolution The Bahamas Essay

Published: 2020-02-22 06:40:10
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1(a) Study Source A. What role did the Womens Suffrage Movement play during the Quiet Revolution in The Bahamas? (7) To get the full marks you must give four or more factors with good explanation and provide a logical conclusion. In other words you must give four or more facts/major points that explain the role the Womens Suffrage Movement played in the Quiet Revolution in The Bahamas. Write [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] for help with these questions. I suggest you start off your answer with an introduction that defines or explains what the Quiet Revolution in The Bahamas was. Then you can briefly state what the Womens Suffrage Movement was. You might also include in your introduction the major points you will cover in your essay. Be sure to comment on or discuss the Source in your essay.

Your body should be a development of all factors that explain the role the Womens Suffrage Movement played in the Quiet Revolution. Somewhere in your body, at the beginning or as a part of your historical account of the womens suffrage movement you should explain how the movement influenced majority rule. You should give up to four explanations for this. When you read the passages you will find factors. Then you are to synthesize all the information youve read and organize it under the major factors you found or the factors you were able to infer from the sources/your research. You have to synthesize the information. So you highlight the factors as they apply to the account or center the story around your factors.

You can conclude by emphasizing your main points or explaining your agreement and disagreement of the position statement. Use the notes below from various website sources and other sources suggested to assist you in creating the answer for question 1 A. You are to synthesize the information below to create a response that is your own. You are to integrate the sources from the textbooks suggested and the website information below. You must also make use of the sources on the coursework question paper wherever possible to answer the question. Points are awarded for placing an emphasis on factors (reasons or causes).

Be sure to highlight as many factors in your answer the direct factors and the underlying factors. To answer this question I estimate that it would take about 500 words. But you might be able to write more or less once the question is answered fully. Below you will find at least three accounts of theWomens Suffrage Movement that you can integrate to form your answer. A good source is the 2012 Bahamas Telephone Directory that has a full account on the Womens Suffrage Movement. Use these sources to integrate information to answer the questions.

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