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Published: 2020-02-26 00:21:32
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Teamwork is usually considered an important factor especially in a workplace. However, sometimes working in a team creates difficulties in achieving the objective of a certain project that the team is assigned. (Dyer, 1995) In any teamwork conflicts are likely to arise which relate to a specific job or project that is either being done in the company or outside the company. Some members may be dishonest to their colleagues especially on sensitive issues that touch the all group. In the team that I was taking part in I encountered negative experiences that were brought about due to individual characters.

The problem with the team was the failure to reach a consensus on very important issues. It was caused by a few members who were either not patient or are just more action oriented than others in their natural being because they are likely to exert pressure on the other members to accept their decision. This group of members was making decisions too quickly for the rest of the members which is contrary to the principles of meaningful teamwork. Good decisions are usually achieved over a common understanding by majority of the members and a unanimous agreement on the matter, but some team mates did not acknowledge that.

At the same time some team members used personality to undermine others, even to the extended of undermining the team leader who was leading the team. This became a problem and the team could not achieve its targets. These differences became so critical that they kept being addressed daily; In the long run they lead into a breakdown of individual relationships which affected their productivity in general and stalled the project completely, we never went on with the project.

Reference: Dyer, W. G. (1995): Team building: current issues and new alternatives. 3rd Ed. Pearson Education POD

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