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Atomic bomb in Hiroshima Essay

The 6th of August 1945 was a day that people will always remember with terror. On this day, an atomic bomb was used by the U.S. against Japan, in the city of Hiroshima. This was the first time in worl...

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Published: 2020-01-24 19:12:38

Berlin Wall versus The Wall Essay

In this novel, the narrator mentions about the Wall that is built across the church which force some people in Gilead getting separate from the others. Margaret Atwood uses the reference of the Berlin...

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Published: 2020-01-24 19:02:02

Discuss the Reason of Rising of Detente During 1968-1978 Essay

Explain why failed in1980s. During 1968-1978, The tensed relations between 2 superpowers”US and USSR relaxed. Both of them tried various means to bring about peace such as closer communication and c...

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Korean Traditional House: Grass Roofed House Essay

In Korea there was a traditional house called Choga house which Choga means grass roof and it had a lot of benefits for poor people. It is made of red clay so it was cool in summer and warm in winter...

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Political Climate of the 1970s Essay

The 1970s were times of chaotic events held over from the chaos of the 1960s. The 70s brought Americans an end to the Vietnam War and a change in the political and social perspectives, another preside...

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Rationalist Approaches Essay

International relations (IR) are the diplomatic strategic relations of states, and the characteristic focus of IR is on issues of war and peace, conflict and cooperation (Brown and Ainley, 2009). Many...

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The Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

A British cartoon by Illingworth, published in the Daily Mail on 29th October 1952. Kennedy and Khrushchev arm-wrestle, while nuclear war is only the press of a button away. Khrushchev, who is sweatin...

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The main obstacles to cooperation Essay

The world we live in always seems to contain wars and conflicts. Just by looking back over 100 years, the history is filled with major wars like the two World Wars, the constant scare of escalation of...

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Published: 2020-01-24 19:41:59

The Rise and Fall of the Burlin Wall Essay

Imagine living in a place where there was a wall preventing families to go to a better place, where people couldnt be what they want or say what they want¦ the only thing that was holding them back w...

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Two Superpowers Essay

The two superpowers of the 1930s, Americans and the Soviet Union, were starting to have a few disagreements, which initiated the COLD WARs BEGINNING. The ROOTS OF THE COLD WAR started when the America...

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